Sound Exchange Exchanging Richmond Ave Shop for a Spot in Second Ward

In just under a month, longtime Richmond Ave record shop and turntable repair destination Sound Exchange will move from the brick house pictured above to a Second Ward spot near the corner of N. Milby and Commerce. The 39-year-old business didn’t originally open in Montrose, but it got there right away: After a one-year stint in Rice Village, it moved to the strip at 1617 Westheimer, where it spent 19 years before relocating to its present digs at 1846 Richmond.

Already in the works for the block where Sound Exchange sits: rejiggering the property lines to create a new 29,466-sq.-ft. parcel out of the lot shown above, plus 2 additional lots behind it on Colquitt St. that house apartments. Houston’s city planning commission is set to review the proposed replat at the beginning of next year.

Photo: Vinylhub

Winlow Place

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  • That block is kind of small. Will it be a flag court? Condo low-rise?

  • I am curious if Record Exchange will be housed in the ugliest strip center in the 2nd Ward? Wishing them success in their new spot and hoping they can do something great in that space.

  • Jeezus, I am one of the owners of Sound Exchange. They are meauring us for a pine box before the contracts have even been signed.