Space Center Houston’s Newest Acquisition

SPACE CENTER HOUSTON’S NEWEST ACQUISITION The Galileo 7 — shown here in a Star Trek episode as piloted by Dr. Mr. Spock on a doomed exploratory voyage to Taurus — is going to be added to the permanent collection at Space Center Houston in Clear Lake. A stand-in, maybe, for the real retired NASA orbiter that the center didn’t get a few years ago, this teevee spacecraft will be kept separate from “actual flown vehicles,” spokesperson Jack Moore tells Hair Balls. But that doesn’t mean it won’t have its own special effect:Houstonians and other visitors will be able to see the Galileo at Space Center Houston’s Zero-G Diner, where, Moore says, the area’s overall theme is developing more of a science fiction atmosphere.” [Hair Balls; previously on Swamplot] Image: Memory Alpha

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  • Just to be clear, the Star Trek first officer is Mr. Spock or Commander Spock. The pediatrician and baby-book author is Dr. Spock. There is nothing in Trek canon to indicate that Mr. Spock has a doctorate. A common mistake.

  • @marmer: You’re right. That’s a credential he hasn’t earned. It’s fixed in the story.

  • Maybe he had a PhD in Vulcanology.

  • Who needs a real Space Shuttle when you have this!?