Chateau Ten, Part Deux: The Ashby Midrise

Just down the block from that recent fence-related mishap at the all-cleared Ashby Highrise site is the proposed site of the . . . Ashby Midrise? Well, the official moniker of this 5-story condo box at Ashby and Sunset is Chateau Ten. And if that name (or the purple-hued rendering pictured on the sign) seems familiar, it’s because an identical building from the Randall Davis Company is already going up on Spann and Welch on the lot adjacent to where Hines might or might not be building that 17-story office tower off San Felipe.


Previously, this corner had been eyed for a boutique-y office building — or at least a sign with a picture of one suggested as much. Last month, the architecture firm responsible for that rendering said that project was in limbo; the property owners weren’t available then for comment.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • Get ready for a bunch of yellow “Mini Tower of Terror” signs to go up in West U.

  • Well at least it’s only five stories…

  • I have no problem with a midrise in this location. It’s right down the block from the Sunset clinic. It shares a block with tons of 3 and 4 story townhouses. Additionally, it’s better looking than the monster lot-busting single family home that was built across Ashby.

  • oh no, not this again. cue the NIMBYs

  • I don’t think you’ll get the NIMBY’s you so love to hate Hydra. All of us in the area are happy to see something go up on the corner. The drawing on the sign is also tons better than the strange modern thing that was on the previous sign. As Doofus mentioned it also fits fairly well with the buildings around it.

    As for the thing across Ashby, I walk by all the time and cannot help but wonder what the hell funded such a massive place and the fleet of medium to high end cars parked in the driveway. I then wonder how, with all that money, they could not figure out a better way to run power to the fountain than the 1ft tall outside box with outlet and plug sitting in the middle.

  • Oh NO! Another problem for the ‘affluents’ to deal with. Since the yellow Tower of Terror were so effective the first time, they might want to create a different campaign.

  • This isn’t West U. area.

  • I was referring to the Spann/Welch location. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Only five comments? I guess we’re all getting tired of Ashby…

  • Nothing cheaper than building the exact same building –you’d think he could have had his fourth rate architects design serveral variations so it wouldn’t be the exact same building –cheap and tacky, thy name is Randall Davis

  • “As Doofus mentioned it also fits fairly well with the buildings around it.”

    Actually some weren’t real happy with Cheyne Walk either. And don’t believe any of it fits well with the neighborhood around it. But we don’t have zoning. And some accept that. And some don’t. And throw temper tantrums…