Super Bowl LI’s Economic Impact in Houston; Expanding Metro’s Reach

Photo of CenterPoint Energy Plaza: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Why ride-sharing articles about Austin in a Houston real estate blog?

  • Re: Superbowl
    “That includes the 150,000 estimated visitors in town for the big game (I didn’t think the stadium held that many), as well as event, game and broadcast operations and spending that occurred…. The $347 million figure also includes $102 million of “ripple effect” spending”.

    While it is obvious the event brought more cash into the Houston economy, the numbers cited in the report are pulled out of the air like so many moths.

  • Re: Super Bowl Spending
    Since this news nugget was put out by the Super Bowl ORGANIZERS, they certainly aren’t going to put out a bad number.
    That being said, I think pretty much everyone has long forgotten that we had a Super Bowl here. That memory is tossed out like an empty bag of chips. $347 million was allegedly pumped into our economy and all I got was some quick fills of some potholes.

  • The Galleria-area Le Peep is already on Westheimer…

  • Super Bowl Memories, don’t forget the dead fountains that were put on life support. Hope they keep running.

  • WR–didn’t you know that the so-called “ripple effect” only applies to these bogus studies done by boosters. There is no “ripple effect” for ordinary expenditures by you and me without an expensive one-time event. There may be a valid study and analysis somewhere done by a disinterested expert that cites some positive economic benefit of an event but it is not widely available and is never cited by boosters.

  • Don’t worry, Memories, the potholes will soon be back