Take 5’s Richmond Ave Coffee-Adjacent Oil Changeover

Here’s the other new purveyor of brownish fluids at the corner of Richmond Ave and Woodhead: The 13th area Take 5 Oil Change — and the chain’s fifth location in Houston proper — is now open for business, a few steps ahead of the adjacent new Starbucks. The building takes the place of a pair of 2-story brick 4-plexes at 1823 and 1827 Richmond torn down last year.

Take 5’s leaky-oil-can logo will greet drivers lined up for the Starbucks drive-thru, as this site plan shows:


And here’s a Take 5 opening special you might want to know about: The just-completed building itself is for sale, for $1,728,000. Comes with Take 5’s extendable 10-year lease.

Photos: Babak Bobby Yazdani. Site plan: Trivanta (PDF)

Now Open and For Sale

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  • Yeah …… I don’t mind yet another Starbucks (even though I will never use it, as it was tastefully done and improves the look of the area. This grease pit is just an eyesore AND in a poor location for such “service”. I bet it will last about a year before it closes down.

  • Talk about a business with a baked in expatriation date. Electric cars are coming. The concept of ‘gas stations’ and ‘oil changes’ will make our kids laugh. Hell, it makes a lot of people laugh now.

  • I don’t understand how this place even got approved in a million dollar neighborhood. Such an eyesore.