Taking Down the Letters on the Alabama Theater Sign

Going on now: “The owner of the company taking down the Alabama theater sign letters says ‘the plan’ is to restore them and put them back,” tweets the Chron‘s Nancy Sarnoff, who was no doubt sent several urgent messages from passers-by wondering what was happening to the totem on Shepherd Dr. just north of West Alabama today. And an email property owner Weingarten Realty sent to Preservation Houston says that’s legit: “We are replacing the neon and painting the Alabama letters. In order to paint the letters we are removing them and will re install them.”


A Trader Joe’s is scheduled to open inside the leveled and gutted theater space before the end of the year.

Photos: Jay Rascoe (letters), Ruben Dominguez (sign with letters), James Glassman/Houstorian (sign without letters, A)

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