Fleet of Taco Trucks Now Registering People To Vote on 8 Houston Corners

Here’s the map posted by Houstonia’s Katharine Shilcutt this morning showing the usual haunts of 8 taco trucks now also serving as mobile voter registration hubs. This particular registration push, which started yesterday and will last through Texas’s October 11th registration deadline, is a combined effort of communication designer Thomas Hull and the local chapter of political-activity-encourager Mi Familia Vota. The plan developed in the wake of Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez’s comments earlier this month, which painted an accidentally delicious picture of a future US landscape hosting “taco trucks on every corner”; those comments, in turn, spurred “Guac the Vote” campaign from the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which has been calling for taco-truck-based voter registration at the national level.


Current members of Houston’s taco registration fleet include Tacos Tierra Caliente by the West Alabama Ice House, El Ultimo and La Gloria off Long Point Dr. in Spring Branch, the other La Gloria off Dairy Ashford Rd. in Memorial, the Tila’s-not-Teala’s truck that hangs out in the Rice Village, Tacos Mayra on Beechnut St. near Alief, El Taquito near Richmond at Dunvale Rd., and TaconMadre (so far just the one in Edgebrook next to the chain’s brick-and-mortar location, not thedrive-thru converted schoolbus in Fifth Ward).

Map of taco trucks: Houstonia

Guac the Vote

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