The Baptist Church, the Hooters Waitresses, and the Hurricane Victims

THE BAPTIST CHURCH, THE HOOTERS WAITRESSES, AND THE HURRICANE VICTIMS A 9-year-long relationship between congregants of the Rice Temple Baptist Church in Southgate and a group of Hooters waitresses led to a bit of help for residents of Ike-devastated Oak Island over the holiday. “Over the years, the church has found additional ways to develop the relationship. The church has been a sponsor of an annual Hooters golf tournament, giving away Bibles. They have also worked with the restaurant’s employees on Habitat for Humanity building projects. . . . The waitresses have even joined with the congregation in walking through the neighborhood singing Christmas carols. ‘You could tell they hadn’t gone Christmas caroling before, because they all showed up in high heels,’ [Pastor Clint Reiff] recalled.” [Associated Baptist Press]

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  • I bet that’s some fun PR pictures for both groups.

    Pull in more congregants with brochures of Hooters Girls?

    Pull in more customers with photos of bible wielding baptist?

    It’s pure genius!

  • The headline reads like a perverse take on “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Keep ’em comin’!

  • And the Good Lord said go forth, use your eyes and so the male congregants filled their eyes with glorious visions of the “Hooters” waitresses. The Good Lord then said, go forth and multiply; if any of the devout male congregants took the Lord’s advice literally and enjoyed some coopulative bliss with any Hooters’ waitress, the HPD might want to investigate that further; but I your humble servant would also like the names and telephone numbers of Hooters waitresses who are free and willing to say yes, yes, yes!