The Best Location for a Houston Zombie Movie; Sunday Streets Success

sunday streets on westheimer

Photo of Westheimer during Sunday Streets on May 4: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The zombie-TMC article is spot-on, especially the bit about confusing buildings. I worked in one for a decade and never did divine the rationale (if that’s the right word) for the room numbering system (another dubious term). On those dread occasions when I had to visit the MD Anderson library, I always brought a bag of bread crumbs.

  • What’s this about blocking off roads to traffic? By walking on the road, you’re using a public resource without paying to use it. Cars use gas. Gas is taxed. Gas taxes go to build / maintain roads.
    All this ‘Sunday Streets’ does is propagate a culture of mooching / dependency. We’re fostering a culture of takers.

  • DNAguy, your assumptions would be correct if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone in this city has to have a car to live here anyhow and certainly the large proportion of older/high income residents out and about weren’t moochers as you claim.

    on the other hand, not sure if I enjoyed seeing westheimer empty of cars or fairview lined up with bumper to bumper traffic more. the drivers/gas taxpayers in this city aren’t paying enough to maintain the roads that they’re destroying so why shouldn’t they be forced to go without them? or should we just continue to let them use and destroy the roads and let the future generations pick up the tab? we’re all moochers, grow a pair and stop the nonsense please.

  • Loved Sunday Streets this weekend. I do hope they continue doing them.

  • State and Federal gas taxes go to maintain highways. Local roads like Westheimer are maintained with municipal tax revenues. Houston funds road maintenance and construction through the new drainage tax and existing funding mechanisms for capital improvements. Thus, the real moochers are the people who drive in from the burbs to drive all over City streets, but pay very little in City taxes.

  • @DNAguy Poe’s Law? lol

  • I hate to be a curmudgeon but traffic on Sunday was a nightmare because of the Westheimer shut down. I didn’t appreciate it at all.

  • DNAguy is wrong. Gasoline taxes go to federal highways and not to city streets. The only moochers are those drivers who expect exclusive access to streets that all of us pay for.

  • @River Oaks Watcher
    -You should have taken a bike!

  • Just to third, Local taxes pay for local roads. Pedestrians and bicycles do not damage the roadway, so by definition if anyone travels by foot or bicycle, more than average, they are subsidizing the more consistent auto users. Plus, 20,000 users is probably larger than the normal vehicle throughput during that time period.

    River Oaks Watcher,

    That is so horrible, I can’t believe they let 20,000 people inconvenience you for their own enjoyment, safety, and convenience.

  • Edmiston said the millennial tenants “will allocate more money to living where it’s cool so they can be cool.”

    ^ I have a lot to say about this. First of all, anybody who thinks that they can buy coolness is automatically not cool. Younger people are especially uncool, because they haven’t figured this out yet. Second, every generation finds its breeding grounds and engages in at least a subtle pretense of nesting behavior; successive hormone-laced generations will not come of age with the same set of tastes. I present to you, Exhibit A.

  • I thought it was awesome. I’m normally walking around that area so I loved not having the cars around. The city should make it permanent. Stop forcing cars on people.

  • @TheNiche – LOL that video is classic!

  • TheNice:
    AWESOME!!!! :-)