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  • Selling their $1.3mm house to provide meals to the poor, I presume.

  • Great way to reduce the selling price of your home. The first thing I would ask for from the seller is money to replace it.

  • This is so vampires can’t cook garlic kabobs in the middle of the night.

  • Hmmmm…. To some there’s never a wrong place to throw up a cross anymore. If you have to clean food grease off of it from time to time, it’s a wrong place.

  • Don’t worry Progg, if that one gets a little dirty, at least a dozen more clean ones are in there watching over things.

  • Instead of HAR photo of the day, this would have made a good Swamplot feature home article with clever comments about cross placement throughout. Maybe they are preparing for a vampire invasion?

  • At least it doesn’t have the toned abs version of Jesus hanging from it. Cause, that would be weird….

  • Looks like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are the owners’ go to choices for decor.
    Why is there a tiny glass table in the powder room?