The Downtown Post Office Buyer That Almost Was; Goody Goody Liquor Takes Over for Whole Foods


Photo of Millennium Kirby: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Lovely picture of a pile of kindling wrapped in Tyvek.

  • Houston real estate, no ridiculous global warm…err climate change fearmongering by wannabe soothsayers, please.

  • Wow. So that’s 2700 units expected to come online downtown by the end of 2015 beginning of 2016 (with one lagger I think). And its already a soft market for high end rentals. I can’t imagine many of those other planned constructions will actually occur with this already happening. My understanding is that all those high end Montrose area apartments they recently built are already having a hard time filling. Can you imagine when 2k plus units come online? Beyond that job growth has started to get a bit anemic in the area. So you have an oversupply blended with a reduction in demand.

  • Glad to see the Millenarian Kirby has the requisite sniper platforms.

  • I agree, MrErection, and it appears that any oversupply will be greatly exaggerated by Social Engineering via the City’s tax incentives. Purely market-driven behavior would’ve likely acted in a much more prudent manner. Lay a bunch of sugar on the floor and the ants and roaches will find it and now you’ve got an infestation.

    But then again, we could say that prudent behavior should include weighing the risk of taking incentives/bribes and risking ending up holding the bag.