The Four States Formerly Known as Texas

What’s the state of Houston? It’s right here: Fake is the New Real’s Neil Freeman redrew the 50 states, dividing them into parcels of about 6.2 million people so as to distribute electoral college votes more equally. The Lone Star State, this hypothetical map shows, has to be broken up. You’ve got Big Thicket in the middle, with Trinity, comprising Dallas and Fort Worth, tucked inside. Chinati expands up to El Paso along the Rio Grande. And you knew it had to be true: Houston stands alone.

You can see the new 50 states after the jump:


Maps: Neil Freeman

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  • It would be interesting to take the election returns for .. say 2000 and plug them into this map and see what the presidential result would be. Do the same the the congressional election for past few cycles. Anybody have some spare time and computer chops?

  • Well that would be one way to get rid of Rick Perry…….

  • It’s an educational project for them to have done.
    It gets me thinking of Texas’ legal ability to split.
    When we acceded to the United States, it had the right to form four more states, should the need arise (and this usually gets trotted out as an electoral weapon of some sort, depending on which party thinks the people will wind up in its column in time) but
    You may have heard of the Charter Cities notion.
    Well, I think the two ideas together could be used as a tool to handle national immigration…

  • Go Houston! Let’s secede from Texas! Do you think Rick would let us do an on-line petition for this? We may have to rename our fair city…I mean, we would be Houston, Houston. How about “Moldopolis”?

  • Will it help us get rid of Sheila Jackson Lee?

  • In all honesty, for a project, that person did a pretty good job at a national level. The map ended up looking very professional and well done.

  • I don’t think I would have to spend too much effort to come up with a few more “Disadvantages”. But as he said “this is an art project”.

  • What’s wrong with Houston, Houston? It’s a hell of a town, er, name.