02/20/13 3:15pm

What’s the state of Houston? It’s right here: Fake is the New Real’s Neil Freeman redrew the 50 states, dividing them into parcels of about 6.2 million people so as to distribute electoral college votes more equally. The Lone Star State, this hypothetical map shows, has to be broken up. You’ve got Big Thicket in the middle, with Trinity, comprising Dallas and Fort Worth, tucked inside. Chinati expands up to El Paso along the Rio Grande. And you knew it had to be true: Houston stands alone.

You can see the new 50 states after the jump:


01/02/13 4:09pm

BIG VAGUE NEWS YOU CAN’T USE From Swamplot’s tipline comes this groundbreaking prognostication: “This is terribly vague, but as leases and jobs still depend on confidentiality, I am limited on what I can say. . . . A major (non-residential) Houston property is about to make a significant change. The property management may also consider pursuing notable architects for this change. Expect demolition to begin before the end of the year.” Egads, could it be true? [Swamplot inbox] Photo: Seth Bienek