Big Vague News You Can’t Use

BIG VAGUE NEWS YOU CAN’T USE From Swamplot’s tipline comes this groundbreaking prognostication: “This is terribly vague, but as leases and jobs still depend on confidentiality, I am limited on what I can say. . . . A major (non-residential) Houston property is about to make a significant change. The property management may also consider pursuing notable architects for this change. Expect demolition to begin before the end of the year.” Egads, could it be true? [Swamplot inbox] Photo: Seth Bienek

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  • I was talking to a buddy of mine recently, who’s father-in-law is a higher up at a well-known developer around Houston. River Oaks Theater is toast.

  • Mark my words, Northwest Mall is toast.

  • The Dome is finally coming down.

  • Northwest Mall was a known goner for several years now because of the US 290 work and potential METRO commuter/light rail depot.

    My guess is that Greenspoint or the Galleria may have some major renovations.

    The old Macy’s location in the Galleria in the past was slated to turn into an Apartment/Condo tower. Galleria III is also a scar on the development.

    I really like MJ’s view of the rest of River Oaks being demoed. The River Oaks shopping center (outside of what was recently rebuilt) is a prime candidate to be demoed and rebuilt taller and more dense. The addition of more parking garages in the back would be a must.

  • My wish list:

    1. The Galleria mall
    2. W. 20th St. Kroger
    3. All frontage road structures on I-45 from 610 to Beltway 8.
    4. All of Rice Village shopping center, especially the newer parts
    5. Houston Pavillions
    6. The Ainbinder Washington Heights development

  • Could it be the old strip mall at Montrose and Westheimer?

  • Perhaps it’s the Houston Club Building that is mentioned in the article just before this one???

  • I think #1 is half right. I do think folks are gunning for the theater.

  • I’m guessing Westheimer and Montrose

  • I am quite certain your ‘tip’ is 100% true.

  • Finally going to turn Astrodome into a Mini Storage!!

  • Finally going to turn Astrodome into a jail for car burglars !!

  • Finally going to turn Astrodome into a centralized animal control and pet adoption facility!

  • If that photo is acurate, then you can eliminate Montrose. We just don’t have that many pick-up trucks around here.

  • What the Chron hasn’t sold the old Post building yet? It would be a primo location if it was accessible. And wasn’t prone to flooding.

  • KBR would be logical.

  • See the Macy’s post today?

  • I don’t think the photo is related; it’s just a filler.

    I hope if it is Macy’s or is publicized that the informant follows up.

  • OMG. Frank Gehry is going to convert the Astrodome into a new Macy’s! Of course!

  • I’m 100% sure they are referring to the Muffin Man building.

  • They are going to demo Shell One and Two and turn the property into Shell Gas Stations!

  • Heard a rumor recently on a trip out to West Texas that Liz Lambert will be purchasing the Lancaster. Anyone have anymore intel?

    Last time I stayed there (when the a/c broke at the house this summer), the clock radios and and women roaming the hallways were from the 80s…

  • The old Post building has presses used by the Chron and/or USA Today.

    And it’s not KBR. New basement food court going in now.

    Northwest Mall an ideal candidate.