The Gravesite Breakup Mystery Near Aldine Middle School

THE GRAVESITE BREAKUP MYSTERY NEAR ALDINE MIDDLE SCHOOL Aldine Cemetery, Aldine Meadows Rd., Aldine, 77032Who, exactly, ordered the unannounced, interrupted, and apparently haphazard plant and gravestone removal at the unmarked Aldine Cemetery near Aldine Middle School last week? As of Friday, Mike Snyder writes, the local sheriffs  were still trying to figure that out — as were some of the (living) family members of the buried, and unofficial Aldine historian Elizabeth Battle, who had been working to get the cemetery its own historical marker. Battle tells Snyder she’d been under the impression that “people . . . barreling in and destroying graves without contacting the descendants” wasn’t something that was likely to happen; University of Houston professor and periodic gravesite construction advisor Ken Brown notes that any disturbance of the 30-ish headstones, even by the property’s owner, should have required a court order. [Houston Chronicle] Photo of semi-cleared Aldine Cemetery on Aldine Meadows Rd: State rep. Armando Walle

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  • So I guess the authorities don’t know the name of the company that did the work?

  • A little bit of follow-up.


    The property is owned by Foresthaven Cemetery Corp, with contact listed as attorney Corwin Teltschik, who has refused comment.

    Apparently Houston Businessman Ibrahim Badat works for a nonprofit which was to purchase additional plots in the cemetery from Foresthaven Cemetery Corp. He hired a crew to clear the land in preparation for this.

    Either he ignored the fact there were existing markers, or was unclear that they were to be undisturbed, or the crew just didn’t listen, and began moving and damaging markers in the process of clearing the lot.

    Badat has offered to replace all damaged markers, and the have crews out determining where the existing gravesites are.

  • I suggest that Badat thought no one would notice or care.
    *dumb ass*

  • This battle is going today. What these men have done is just unbelievable. My family is buried in this cemetery.
    They don’t care about someone’s final rest place.
    If anyone has any information on people buried in this cemetery please contact us. We will don’t stop this fight until this cemetery is declared a Texas Historical Cemetery and is protected from any future descratation.