The Houston Sculptures and Artworks Most Likely To Show Up in Some Guy’s Tinder Profile Pic

Tinder Guys Posing with Art, Houston

Why are so many of the men featured in the Tinder Guys Posing with Art Tumblr posing with art that’s in Houston? Maybe it’s because the website’s creator and curator, Sally Glass, is based here. Scroll through the entries Glass has been posting since April and you’ll not only find available men on Tinder who’ve staked out positions in and around some of the city’s more prominent sculptures and paintings, you’ll also find a handy guide to the works they favor:


Tinder Guy Posing with Dillididae, Houston

“Once I started collecting the screenshots, I figured a way to make it actually interesting would be to try to pair up the guys’ pics with high-quality images of the art itself,” she tells the Daily Dot, “so that it wasn’t just the punchline, but an actual thoughtful, educational thing. While also making fun of dudes.”

Tinder Guy Posing with Jesus, Houston

Screenshots: Tinder Guys Posing with Art

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