The Next Big Event Planned for the Astrodome Will Be a Wash

THE NEXT BIG EVENT PLANNED FOR THE ASTRODOME WILL BE A WASH Pressure Washers from Green Team Services, HoustonWhen was the last time anyone bothered to clean the exterior of the Astrodome? Long enough ago to merit media coverage for word that the Dome’s caretakers have now decided to do something about the building’s growing exterior grunge. The Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation, having presided for 15 years over the former sports stadium’s steady decay, is about to embark on its first notable Dome maintenance operation since firefighters used fans to blow smoke out of the building in the aftermath of a 2011 transformer fire in the vacant facility. With approval from the Texas Historical Commission, reports Fox 26’s Mark Berman, the agency will award local building restoration and pressure-washing practitioners Green Team Services $63,800 to clean the outside of the structure. [My Fox Houston; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Green Team Services

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  • Finally!! Save the Dome!

  • Go ahead and tear it down while you’re at it.

  • Wait, this thing is still standing? In everyone’s mind in Houston it’s been demolished long time ago, the structural demolition is just catching up.

  • Ahhh….the sweet smell of more wasted money.

  • The power washing is being paid for entirely out of funds raised by seat and fixture sales about a year ago. And the Dome is anything but “decay”ing. Yes, it needs a wash, but it is very sound structurally. Furthermore, it has been utilized as equipment storage since it closed and also still serves as the utility conduit for the entire NRG park. You want to talk about wasted money, the taxpayers of Harris County own a building (the most iconic in our history) that would cost more than $300 million to build today. And it is totally paid for. Tearing it down would be an insane waste of money when it could be repurposed for public use. The price tag for tearing it down, filling the hole, etc. is estimated at $68 million. And you have nothing at the end of that.