The Next New Historic District: First Montrose Commons

There’s more historic-district action on today’s city council agenda than the proposed temporary ban on gonna-do-it-anyway waivers: Council members are expected to approve First Montrose Commons as Houston’s 16th historic district. The planning commission approved the new district more than a month ago. If the council also votes today to put in place a temporary moratorium on the designation of new historic districts, First Montrose Commons will have gotten in just under the wire.

When last we left the east Montrose hood — bounded roughly by West Alabama, Richmond, Montrose Blvd. and the Downtown spur — its quest for historic-district status had been stumped by HSPVA, which counts for a large chunk of the proposed district. HISD’s decision on the petition, wrote neighborhood-association president Jason Ginsburg at the time, would either “make or break” the district. So what happened?


Ginsburg tells Swamplot:

After some back and forth between FMC, the City, and HISD, it was determined that because HISD is a governmental entity the square footage of its property would not count for or against the percentage of properties we needed. Essentially, the HSPVA campus was ruled to be neutral.

But HSPVA isn’t exactly the Switzerland of Montrose historic-preservation efforts. The arts high school is looking for a new home:

FYI, First Montrose Commons Neighborhood Association is planning on working with Neartown Association and the Montrose Land Defense Coalition to create a vision for the future of the HSPVA campus, so that a community oriented redevelopment strategy will be in place on the day that HISD finds a new home for HSPVA. Swamplot readers are welcome to contribute their own ideas, of course.

Map: First Montrose Commons Neighborhood Association

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  • The most convincing argument to so designate this area will be its long-term contributions to prositution, homosexuality and drug sales.

  • Don’t forget the homosexuals “preserved” much of Montrose long before the “preservationists” did.

    And long before the “chi-chi” homosexuals aka “guppies” arrived.

  • You’ve got to love how the anonymity of the internet allows people to tear down anything they want without repercussions. Landed Gent, you’re just a sad, sour person, and a coward as well.

  • Landed Gent, you know nothing about the area.

  • Throw the “landed gents” out of Montrose. Along with the yuppies and guppies. And the crackheads. The hookers can stay. They add a little “flavor” to the “hood.”

  • In bad taste or not you cannot dispute the accuracy of Landed Gent’s statement. I once watched a corner in Montrose from a friends townhouse and counted hookers numbering into the teens. They even had a hearse they drove around to do their business in.

  • First Montrose Commons is an area within the larger Montrose area. While it is not free from crime, FMC certainly is not the neighborhood Landed Gent describes.

  • Not to sidetrack this fascinating discussion but, does anyone know if there have been any efforts to devise a River Oaks Historic District? Not that there are necessarily hookers working out of hearses there, but the debate among property owners about preservation would be very interesting, given what has happened over the past few years.

  • I believe that the hookers in River Oaks are called “escorts”, and they probably drive nicer cars than mine.

  • Ladies of the evening are called ladies of the afternoon in River Oaks. Usually when they’re spotted walking their poodles…

  • How will the Richmond rail line fit in with this “historic district?” From what I recall seeing in the latest proposed rail maps, the “University Line” will slash right through this district, taking out a lot of building frontage on Richmond via demolition.

  • Or maybe not…I’m squinting at the image trying to see if Richmond runs through the fuzzy grey area…can’t tell…either the type is shrunken too small, or I need glasses.

  • The historic district doesn’t go all the way to Richmond.

  • Yes, our historic district excludes Richmond, Montrose, and most of W. Alabama because the vast majority of properties that front on those streets do not qualify as being historic under the ordinance. FYI, the majority of FMC residents are in favor of the University Line on Richmond.

  • I am thrilled that they’ve finally gotten their historical designation. These guys have literally been beating the pavement for years to get this and other improvements to their neighborhood accomplished. Onto fixing the sewer lines!

  • Maybe Landedgent was once one of the teenagers who cruised the neighborhood 20-25 years ago looking for gays to harass. We owe much to the gays who literally saved the FMC neighborhood from being torn down. They were the first to recognize the elegance and value of these historic homes. They are wonderful neighbors with good jobs and they add a lot to the neighborhood. If the neighborhood is as bad as Landedgent says, why is it that developers want to build and encourage people to live here?

  • Landed Gent, do you live in Kingwood or Sugarland? Is all your food white on your plate, no color, no texture, no spice and that’s the way you like it? Do you not believe in redemption, as in a bad area, turned good while embracing diversity? You sound boring to me. But if boring makes you happy, carry on.

  • I am thrilled that they’ve finally gotten their historical designation.

    I am too even though I obviously believe the designation in the end is meaningless beyond the little brass plagues. I walk in the area when I go to the post office and the neighborhood has retained a “neighborhood feel” unlike so many others in Montrose that are more “mish-mash” than anything else. Everything somehow seems to fit in. Even the old apartment complexes for some reason.

  • I don’t like Landed Gent, either, but only because he’s a disingenuous poser troll that constantly tries to stir the pot and rile you guys up. The sad thing is…HE’S SUCCEEDING!

    Look at how effectively he’s derailed what ought to be a serious discussion. It amazes me that Gus hasn’t banned his IP address by now.

  • Let’s take Landed Gent’s comments at face value. I for one appreciate any neighborhood that has contributed to homosexuality, saving us from living a drab, tedious world.

  • A couple of comments for you:

    -If you’re going to slam an entire area of the city, you should at least spell correctly. Unless “prositution” is a term I’m not familiar with, in that case please carry on with my apologies.

    -Secondly, having lived in the suburbs prior to moving to Montrose I’m keenly aware that all three of the things you pointed out exist at least in the Clear Lake area also. Unfortunately, out glorious Montrose can’t claim exclusivity on those wholesome, family activities.

  • Great: MORE restrictions on private property. And having a METRO rail line run through YOUR neighborhood brings MORE criminals into YOUR hood. Enjoy it,you Inner Loop lemmings. Used to live inside the Montrose for 13 years and got the hell away from the congestion,NOISE, parking problems, traffic, the homeless /street people, the drugs, CRIME, decay. Live on a big piece of property in near Memorial Park and LOVE IT!!! Peace,quiet,tranquility,serenity..Lots of trees,birds and BEAUTY!!! You all can keep the Montrose..It is so over developed and over run by “empty nesters” and suburbanites who think they’re cool and chic for being INSIDE the Loop. They’re BORING and DULL and not shiny at all!!!

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