The Osteens’ “Leopard-Skinned Luxury”: Fancy or French?

Joel and Victoria Osteen in Their Home

From a profile of Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen by Karl Taro Greenfeld in next month’s Portfolio magazine:

The Osteens, like so many American families during the recent real estate boom, spent the better part of the past decade buying, renovating, and selling homes, and became so proficient in the process that Osteen and his wife were able to skip hiring a contractor for their last renovation and go directly to the subcontractors to complete their mansion. Coming off the boom, during which the average American dwelling doubled in size, the Osteens’ digs are more modest than one might guess. The house is decorated in a rococo style that Victoria has called “French” and Osteen calls “fancy.”

Photo of Joel and Victoria Osteen at home: Randal Ford, Portfolio

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  • I call it “confirmed bachelor.”

  • Tacky is what I would call it. These people make me ill.

  • Bleah! What are they trying to do, re-create the Garden of Eden? If so, the tiger-skin chair is a no-no.

    At least with all that pattern and stuff everywhere, no dirt will ever show. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and all that.

  • Hideous. Pastor Joel? It’s very Tammy Faye, rest her soul and bless her heart. And Pastor Joel looks like a woman in this photo. A woman who likes way too much stuff, and too many animal prints.

  • These two are the worst thing since Jim and Tammy Faye – he looks like some poor unattractive woman who had a cheap sex change job and she looks like a $200 an hour – well you know. Wonder if these two have had any luck spawning offspring – God forbid they should get cloned!

  • Since we are voicing opinions here, I feel compelled to speak my mind on Joel Osteen. Personally, I feel he is a wonderful motivational speaker that manages to work God and occasionally a Biblical scripture in to his ‘sermon.’
    Let me be clear in that I am in no way oppositional to Mr. Osteen, because i do believe he is a wonderful segway for many people seeking Christ and enlightenment. Perhaps the only thing I would request of Mr. Osteen is to refer to Biblical scripture more, and have a reduction in the amusing stories that are uplifting, but not particularly enlightening on the life, resurrection and the anticipated return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I do watch Mr. Osteen and I do like listening to him. Due to his wild popularity perhaps it is I who need to rethink my views.
    Regardless, God bless him for leading so many to salvation.
    C. Jeffery Bowen, PhD