The Real Reason Royce Builders Home Sales Were in the Toilet

Bathroom and Toilet, 15451 Bammel Fields Ct., Bammel Village, Houston, by Royce Builders

A few commenters on the Home Builder Implode-O-Meter website refer to a unique regular participant in Royce Builders sales meetings: a barking toilet seat.

What’s the story here? A Swamplot tipster explains the innovative sales-motivation tool . . . employed by recently released Houston Division head John Zunker:

If anyone else mentions the ‘rubbing of the toilet seat’, that is true by the way. Bizzarre riitual he drempt up- when the meeting was at a close, he has a toilet seat with his face painted on it. The employees would rub it while chanting… Royce, Royce, Royce. Has nothing to do with their financial problems, but thought it was bizarre.



At the close of each sales meeting, they would hold it up front and make it “talk” like it was animated. The inside of the lid had a painted likeness of JZ, the Houston Division VP. It would “bark” -Rouyce, Royce, Royce as they moved the lid up and down. Not sure how it ever got started, and never did find anyone that knew either. New salespeople would be introduced at the meeting by calling them up front and having them rub the interior ring for good luck in their new position. Again, not sure what that was about either. If we did not yell loud enough for JZ’s liking, he would yell out- “I can’t hear you”. Just another one of his infantile training techniques.

Photo of toilet at 15451 Bammel Fields Ct., Bammel Village, by Royce Builders: HAR

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