The Ripple Creek Townhomes Are Now Being Ripped to Shreds

Demolition has begun, a reader notes, on the Ripple Creek Townhomes at 1015 S. Ripple Creek Dr., a 3-building assembly of 2-story structures fitted onto a 2-plus-acre site directly east of the Second Baptist Church complex on Woodway Dr. The gently named Ripple Creek Dr. is the first north-south street east of Voss on the north side of Woodway; the townhome buildings, which were built in 1970, are wedged between it and the more workaday Bering Ditch, an actual waterway known to carry actual water north to Buffalo Bayou on its straightened, concrete-lined haunches.


Pinpoint Commercial, a property developer with experience creating retail, medical, and office spaces as well as senior living complexes and apartments, completed its purchase of the townhomes at the end of 2014; the following year it bought 2 adjacent commercial properties that separate the Ripple Creek Townhomes from the neighborhood’s main drag: the small strip centers at 6328 and 6342 Woodway Dr.

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Woodway Breakout

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  • That’s a relatively small parcel they put together. I didn’t realize how big the Second Baptist campus next to it is so I looked it up on HCAD. Valued at approximately $48M exempt from roughly $1M in annual taxes. God is good.

  • These clusters of mansard-roofed ’70s apts and townhouses dot the mid loop area and will be getting dozed by the dozens during these decades for those wanting large wads of land.

  • Feeding mansard-roofed 70’s apartments and townhomes to Komatsu is like feeding sugar cubes to a donkey… You’ll have a friend for life.

  • I wish more of these in other locations had been fed to Komatsus, not dolled up with new colors and supposed granite countertops and leased at a premium.