The Somewhat Public To-Do List Posted at 230 West Alabama

“Apparently ‘Houston’s newest chic address‘ has some code violations on its hands,” writes the reader who found a well-worn code enforcement tag at 230 West Alabama, the Midtown-ish apartment tower formerly known as Executive House:

I stopped by on Sunday, July 4, to see if the leasing office was open and found this notice on the door. The violation from the City of Houston Code Enforcement Department says: OBTAIN ELECTRICAL PERMIT AND REPAIR UNSAFE ELECTRICAL IMMEDIATELY…OBTAIN PLUMBING PERMIT AND REPAIR UNSAFE PLUMBING IMMEDIATELY…REPAIR UNSAFE STRUCTURAL IMMEDIATELY…SEE REPORT FOR DETAILS…SUBJECT TO CITATIONS DAILY FOR NON-COMPLIANCE. The date in the bottom right hand corner appears to be 04-04-10. I think I’ll keep searching for that apartment elsewhere.

The tag:


Photos: 230 West Alabama and Swamplot inbox (tag)

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  • 230 W. Alabama also manages the dumpy apartments next door. That red tag could be notice for next door and since 230 W. Alabama owns the property they could have tagged 230 instead of the other building.

  • I’m sorry that we were closed and you didn’t get to tour the property but I am in the office Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m also you can email us on the 230 website. If you would like I can explain the citation on the glass! For now we don’t have anything available but I will be happy to put you on a waiting list and tour the building.


  • If you would like I can explain the citation on the glass!

    So we have to come visit the property in order to get the explanation for the red tag?

  • So we have to come visit the property in order to get the explanation for the red tag?

    Anything to drive traffic, I guess.

  • I spent hurricane Ike sitting in my south-facing apartment at 230w, listening to the single-pane windows vibrate in the wind. It was the first time ever that I actually, seriously, feared for my life. The windows held, though. Never a dull moment at 230w Alabama.

    Sigh…I kind of miss the place…

  • Only in Houston would someone use a blog post about a building’s code violations to advertise FOR the building.

  • It is interesting about the electrical permit given that those who walk in the neighborhood notice how sometimes the lights in the garage are on at night and sometimes the lights in the garage are not on at night. Maybe it’s a problem with the timers. Or maybe…

    Then there’s the “eu de” on Flora at times as you walk by the building. Maybe it’s a problem with the building. Or maybe it’s just the sewer system…

    Then there’s the pedophile…

  • I guess the 4th of July, a NATIONAL HOLIDAY, is the best day to go apartment hunting… but I guess if you have nothing better to do, why not. Unlike many chain apartment complexes, this management team allows their employees to have a life and enjoy things like a holiday with family and friends.
    I have lived at 220 and 230 for over three years now. Great place to live with a wonderful leasing team. The apartments are nicely decorated and convenient to the luxuries of inner-loop life. I can assure you that I have never experienced any electrical or plumbing problems. If I have experienced any normal apartment living issues, the management team has always responded in a professional and timely manner. The citation is minimal. Make of it what you want, but you should really check the place out before you make any public announcements.
    “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” – Herbert Spencer

  • The citation doesn’t look “minimal” and neither does “repair unsafe electrical” and “repair unsafe plumbing” and “unsafe structural.” Maybe the latter is damage to the driveway from the suicide/accident/murder or whatever the flying body splattering on the driveway about two years ago was all about.

  • This has to be the most douche blog I have ever seen. Who actually would waste their time to write such crap. I hope you moved out of montrose. I bet you ride a bicycle around town thinking you are one of those hip green al gore groupies. Who really cares about an inspection sticker? Why do you find this interesting? Reading through more of your crap stories makes me wish the internet was never started. They should ban people like you from using the internet. @ matt mystery… You and the “blogger” should meet and beat the stupiDity out of each other. Then blog about your experience.


  • I know this thread is super old, but Matt Mystery mentioned a suicide/accident “flying body splattering on the driveway incident”…. i want to know more. This happened again this morning.

  • JGirl –

    Yes, unfortunately a 41 year old man fell from the west side 9th story balcony that faces West Alabama. He was a very good friend of mine and was in a fragile state of mind, and had expressed suicidal thoughts on several occasions over the past few months. We don’t know whether or not he jumped or accidentally fell, but the outcome is the same.

  • There is something about starting a day walking by a body lying on the driveway which is what quite a few did. Some of whom had ended their day several years ago the same way. In both instances several heard the scream and looked up and watched in what one described yesterday’s incident as a “surreal moment.” And, well, not to be morbid but we do go “splat” when we hit the ground. I don’t recall if the first time was a suicide or not. Apparently they just say someone “fell” when they’re not sure. I’m not sure how you “fall” when there’s a railing. In any case, sorry about your friend. Maybe 230 needs to “glass-in” the balconies. It would solve the problem of tenants “falling” over the railings. And solve the problem of the tenants throwing things over the railings. I suppose to watch them go “splat.” So there’s always the possibility that the next one who “falls” may have in fact been thrown. I’m sure some of the tenants are very nice people but some, well, apparently have watched “Animal House” once too often.

  • Matt, are you saying that people actually saw the event on March 14th? I wasn’t aware of any witnesses.

  • I wouldn’t expect a person to scream if they committed suicide. Morbid thought.

  • Yes, my coworker, who also knew JT, heard someone at his gym talking about it that day. He saw the impact as he was walking to get coffee that morning.