The Spooky History of the Minnetex Mansion Kids on Twitter Are Gearing Up To Haunt Tonight

Headed to that spooky Halloween “party” at 3015 Fuqua St. tonight all the kool kids are daring each other about today on Twitter? Here are a few things you should know about what might rank as one of Houston’s eeriest properties still standing, one complete with both its very own murder and a ghost video.

Our chilling tale begins in early February 2008, when the property was last on the market. Back then vandals held sway at the decrepit 11,640-sq.-ft. mansion in Minnetex Place. Was it Swamplot’s showcasing of the home’s skanky indoor pool, 5-acre lot, decorative graffiti, and grand, red-carpeted staircase that made it move? It had languished on the market for 7 months, but just 2 weeks later, the property sold — to an entity controlled by a pair of Houston investors. They snagged the 1950 mansion for just $265,000 — greatly reduced from its original $451,900 listing.

Since then, visiting vandals have been joined by a new, possibly otherworldly tenant.


3015 Fuqua, Houston

Front Entry, 3015 Fuqua, Houston

Staircase, 3015 Fuqua, Houston

A mere month after the sale, HPD announced that a man had been found beaten to death — “struck in the head and face with a piece of board,” per HPD’s terse news release — in the home’s front yard. The man was not identified in the release, nor had police gleaned a motive or suspect at the time.

Living Room, 3015 Fuqua, Houston

Living Room, 3015 Fuqua, Houston

Room with Cabinets at 3015 Fuqua, Houston

Since then, the 64-year-old property appears to have become a haven for teenage partiers and a magnet for paranormal buffs. Shot 2 years ago, the “ghost” video at the top of this post purports to show a phantom (or several?) appearing in the window upstairs at far right. Ever-reliable Youtube commenters have since chimed in with accounts of their ventures inside. Some claim to have seen (and smelled) its now-utterly rancid indoor pool and walls now adorned with “Satanic” scrawlings. There is even a legend of a large, savage pit bull dwelling upstairs. (Call it The Hound Of the Minnetexvilles?)

Indoor Pool, 3015 Fuqua, Houston

Photos: NuHabitat

Fuqua’s Ghost?

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  • It has a List Mansion feel/look to it :/

  • I was hoping for some Houston history. Any info on who built it, weird stuff with the original owners or building crews, family tragedies, cult practitioners, eccentric aunties with Ouiji boards?

  • I hate to disappoint people, but this house is less than 20 yrs old. My family owned this property until 1996 and we had an older home and barn on it back then. Never saw any ghosts back when I was a kid…lol.

  • I got info on this house today, neighbor across told me nobody ever died there, the owner was sick and was taken to the hospital and died there.

  • @Alice, bzzzzt! Try again.
    ” Murder Investigation at 3015 Fuqua
    March 18, 2008 – Houston police are investigating the death of a man found at 3015 Fuqua about 10:40 a.m. today (March 18).
    The male victim suffered blunt force trauma to the head and face and was pronounced dead at the scene.”

  • I have been inside and upstairs in this haunted house and never have I seen a pit bull though there was something running down the stairs but we saw nothing there this is indeed a creepy house

  • Found out about this place a year ago,

    Me and my friend are planning on going there in 2021 which is when I’ll be 16 and have a car. I just live an hour away from it so it’ll be easy to get there!

  • This place seems so cool! I’m gonna go there in 2021 when I have my own car

  • This place doesn’t hold a candle to “Domain Privée,” the old Jakie Freedman mansion at the end of Craighead, out South Main past 610. Jakie’s getaway had a big house, multi-car garage with quarters above, a simming pool with cabanas papered with the Houston Chronicle. It’s long gone, torn down when Rice bought the land for its library remote storage building.

  • This house was burned down in february 2018