The Sports Bar That’s Replacing The Saxophone on Richmond

THE SPORTS BAR THAT’S REPLACING THE SAXOPHONE ON RICHMOND Will we soon see a 70-foot red pitchfork here? Now that the Orange Show has moved that big blue horn out of the way, the former Billy Blues club at 6025 Richmond near Fountain View is getting a new sign and a renovation, a Swamplot reader notes, for the sports bar Diablo Loco Wings y Mas. Last week, Bob Wade’s 70-foot “Smokesax,” made out of Beetle parts, was trucked across town to the Orange Show’s Munger St. warehouse. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Thanks for the warning.

  • Is this place affiliated with Pollos Hermanos? Is this restaurant going to be a sports bar catering to Hispanic Americans? PLease advice



  • and there goes whats left of Richmond Ave….

  • With a name like Diablo Loco Wings y Mas, it has to be bueno.

  • Driving down Richmond is depressing. Too many closed and run down buildings. I still miss (before wild west club), that building used to be resturaunt that had that giant slide! The former Joes Crabshack building looks like the next gust of wind will blow it down. The former kingfish market has been sitting empty for what 10 years? Complete eyesores!

  • And yet Another wing place!!

  • Its really a nice place its like a hispanic hooters nice

  • OMG! The BEST wings! Flavors like Mole flavored and crown royal bbq! Fried pickles, fries and queso made with Modelo are addicting! Another taste bud shocker the chocolate nachos! :)

  • Went there this Saturday night and the place reminds me of a jumping bean all lit up!! Things are over priced and the management is rude if you are not of hispanic decent!! WOuld not recommend spending your $$ here!