The Sweet Deal Waiting for Tootsies at West Ave

Highland Village owner Haidar Barbouti “probably didn’t get hung up on the legal nuances” of how to shake Tootsies free of its Westheimer store when its lease ended, a source explains to Swamplot. But both he and Tootsies owner Mickey Rosemarin are ready to move on. Now that the court skirmish over the eviction and the store’s subsequent request for a restraining order have been formally resolved in Tootsies’ favor, Rosmarin’s clothing boutique will be able to stay at its Highland Village location through the end of the month. At which point, according to a store spokesperson, “The store will close one night and open the next business day” at West Ave. The new mixed-use complex at Kirby and Westheimer reportedly lured the retailer into a lease with generous terms: forgoing base rent in exchange for a percentage of Tootsies’ sales.


Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • West Avenue needs a “lure” so to speak and so in the end foregoing the base rent on the agreement with Tootsie’s probably will pay off. Assuming the economy improves.

  • West Ave “lured” my company there with generous terms, as well. Plus, with Eddie V’s and Tootsie’s right next door, we’ll get the kind of visibility we need.

    Looking forward to our move in the next 6 weeks or so.