The Winkler Dr. Warehouse Now Stuffed with Stuffed Animals

THE WINKLER DR. WAREHOUSE NOW STUFFED WITH STUFFED ANIMALS Five estates’ worth of formerly wild game, as well as some other frontier-themed trinkets, are now sitting in the TexMAX Auctions warehouse at 9367 Winkler Dr., 3 miles northeast of Hobby Airport, ahead of an auction taking place there on January 20. Craig Hlavaty reports that in addition to the brown bear, black bear, and grizzly bear full body mounts, the 700-animal herd includes: “tigers, jaguars, and a few pygmy hippo mounts from animals that died of natural causes on a wildlife estate. Some of the mounts date back to the early ’80s, according to [John Brommel, the organizer of the auction].” There are also: “Six sets of ivory tusks which were acquired before Jan. 18, 1990, making them legal to buy and sell.” [Houston Chronicle; auction sitePhoto: Taxidermy King Auctions