Top Comments of the Week: Tilted Cross, Nixon Shampoo

Just a few of the many entertaining comments Swamplot readers contributed this week:

  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: Hearth and Home
    From GoogleMaster: “The tilted cross on the mantle, the dead animal skull with uneven horns, the all-white paint job reminiscent of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — where do you find these things?”
    From Karen: “I’m so damn addicted to this game that I am posting this from a business trip in Moscow.”
    From margo: “I do think the house is in Garden Oaks. Balding person lives there, Nixon shampoo in the bathroom.”
  • Head of the Titans: Cosmopolitan Pissoirs on Post Oak
    From Miz Brooke Smith: “The juxtaposition between the grandiose buildings and Mr. Davis in unbuttoned shirtsleeves waggling his hands like a TV furniture salesman seems in keeping with the weirdness of the whole enterprise.”