Rice U Wall Collapse Update: A Mighty Wind

Two separate news releases update yesterday’s report of the wall collapse at Rice’s McMurtry College construction site. From the University:

As construction crews saw the lightning strikes from the rapidly developing storm, they began vacating work sites and securing them for the storm. A small group was finishing work at McMurtry College, one of two residential colleges under construction on the north side of campus, when the site was struck by powerful wind gusts that are reported to have measured more than 60 miles per hour in some areas. Five concrete block walls under construction for rooms on the second floor toppled. . . .

OSHA has conducted an investigation of the accident. The worksite remains closed for further investigations. Based on what is known to date, the accident is believed to have been caused by the sudden severe windstorm.

More details below.


From the contractor, Linbeck:

Juan Romero of Missouri City, Texas, is the worker who died as a result of an incident that occurred Thursday afternoon at the Rice University North Colleges construction project. Mr. Romero was a block mason for Lucia Inc., and suffered fatal injuries as a result of a concrete block wall collapse. Seven other Lucia employees were injured.

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  • I am so sorry to read about the concrete wall failure and the resulting tragedy. We are building a waterfront custom home in hurricane territory using modular concrete blocks so we have an interest in all concrete block construction. Ours is photo journaled here Concrete Cottage