New HEB at Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet: Not as Bad as It Looks

Buffalo Pharmacy at Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet, Houston

Those drawings some of you have seen of the new HEB shopping center coming to the corner of Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet? Pay no attention to them, says the West University Examiner:

Rare sightings of renderings depicting the H-E-B grocery store development at Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet Street are not an indication that construction is pending, a company spokeswoman said.

“Nothing is final,” said Cyndy Garza Roberts. “The real estate division is working with architects.” . . .

There is no start date and no project particulars to share, she added. . . . most tenants vacated the property in May.

Buffalo Grille and Buffalo Pharmacy, however, will remain in business at the site during construction.

Hey, if you’ve got a copy of these renderings, why not share them with Swamplot, so we can all ignore them together?

After the jump: An aerial view of the site!


This view is looking south; Bissonnet runs left-to-right. The existing shopping center is on the left:

Aerial View of Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet, Showing Site of New HEB Center, Buffalo Grille, and Buffalo Pharmacy, Houston

Photo of Buffalo Pharmacy: Flickr user Kevin Trotman [license]. Aerial photo: Flickr user Jim in Times Square.

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  • I guess this means that the Shepherd Plaza rumors can be put to rest?

  • This is the worst grocery store in Houston!!Have tried to give them a chance but you can not shop there for emplyees stocking shelve, no matter what time of the day you go there. It is simply unbelievable!!!
    I have complained in the past but the inconvenience and nightmare continues. I will not shop there any more!! This problem makes no sense, why not stock at night???
    I have friends who have the same complaint!! Thank you . Baumgarten