Head of the Titans: Cosmopolitan Pissoirs on Post Oak

Giant Fountains on Parking Garage, Cosmopolitan Condominiums, Post Oak Blvd., Houston

A reader sends photos of some recent construction on the garage podium beneath the Cosmopolitan tower and asks:

What are those three giant urinals affixed to the east exterior wall of Randall Davis’ latest glass-clad erection, the one on Post Oak where James Coney Island used to be? . . .

Where is the Colossal Statue of Constantine when you need him? (Well, he’s in Rome, but that’s no help to Post Oak Boulevard!)

Sure, there’s the vaguely Roman theming going on with the marketing for Davis’s next tower across the street, the Titan. But these new constructions might be something much more contemporary . . . think Marcel Duchamp by way of Claes Oldenburg: The big fountains!

Below: the Colossal Head of Constantine . . . and the Colossal Heads of the Cosmopolitan, on display!


Tips that come with photos of their own art-historical references . . . what more could Swamplot ask for? Here’s the Colossal Head of Constantine:

Colossal Head of Constantine I, Rome

And a couple more pics of the base of the Cosmopolitan condos:

Giant Fountains on Parking Garage, Cosmopolitan Condominiums, Post Oak Blvd., Houston

Giant Fountains on Parking Garage, Cosmopolitan Condominiums, Post Oak Blvd., Houston

If all those Titans are really going to be descending on Post Oak, doesn’t it make sense that they have some place nearby where they can do . . . business?

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  • The video on it’s website shows what they are.

  • It’s obvious that it’s going to be fountains….

    They need to cover that parking garage wall with something decorative.

  • Randall Davis needs to button his shirt cuffs and stop waving his hands at me like he’s trying to sell me some cheap furniture while the highrise magically appears behind him like something out of The Fountainhead.. He does not fill me with confidence to buy a room at…THE COSMOPOLITAN.

  • obviously Miz Brooks Smith has something against Randall Davis….maybe its jealousy or that you have nothing better to do with your time.

  • Nope, I just I don’t like his buildings. I think they are ugly, out of scale, meaningless to our climate, and pretentious. An acquaintance took an apartment in one of them and had to move because the *interior* walls leaked.

    The juxtaposition between the grandiose buildings and Mr. Davis in unbuttoned shirtsleeves waggling his hands like a TV furniture salesman seems in keeping with the weirdness of the whole enterprise. And I have no jealousy, no envy, not even a glimmer of the green-eye. There ya go, jinx, I’ve told you how I really feel.

  • You would think that a better design element could have been thought out. Fountains do not seem to be the best idea.