Trading Houston Spaces: Mike James for Juwan Howard . . . Plus a Putting Green, Basketball Court, Gym, and Dance Studio

Mike James’s House at 2 E. Rivercrest Dr., Houston

Juwan Howard’s Home in Royal Oaks, Houston

A reader reports that the large and well-turreted home at the corner of Rivercrest and Westheimer — not far from State Rep. Hubert Vo’s curious mansion — is almost complete:

The home belongs to Mike James, formerly of the Houston Rockets, who was traded to the Timberwolves, only to be traded back in exchange for Juwan Howard. The irony is that the home is an exact replica of Juwan Howard’s home in Royal Oaks, just a few miles down the road (Mike and his wife were unaware of this as their “Manager” picked out the plan — they were not amused when they found this out after Mike and his manager parted ways). It was designed by Berrios Designs (exceptional building designer), as was the guest house and the full NBA regulation indoor basketball court at the back of the ~3.5 acre property. The property also features two putting greens complete with dual sand bunkers and a water hazard, a “sunken” pool between the guest and main house, and a gym and dance studio attached to the basketball court. Sadly, the project, which had so much potential, is being finished on the cheap because of cost over-runs caused by their former manager (trying to do things cheap generally ends up costing a lot more money). Regardless, it is turning out pretty decently, but could have been done so much better.

Mike James’s house under construction in Rivercrest is pictured at the top of this story; Juwan Howard’s home in Royal Oaks is the one below it.

We hope the house-plan trade works out better than the player trade: James was sent to the New Orleans Hornets in February. But he says he’ll be back!

After the jump, more glimpses of Mike James’s Howardian manor and sports compound, plus a look inside the Royal Oaks home it’s modeled after!


Yes, this is just the Guest House, with Mike James’s gym and basketball court behind it:

Guest House at 2 E. Rivercrest, Houston

The main house is in the left foreground.

And the basketball court, under construction:

Mike James Basketball Court at 2 E. Rivercrest Dr., Houston

What will the main house look like when it’s complete? Maybe . . . something like Juwan Howard’s house in Royal Oaks:

Front Entry, 11714 Bistro Ln., Royal Oaks, Houston

Interior of 11714 Bistro Ln., Royal Oaks, Houston

Interior of 11714 Bistro Ln., Royal Oaks, Houston

Interior of 11714 Bistro Ln., Royal Oaks, Houston

Family Room, 11714 Bistro Ln., Royal Oaks, Houston

Master Bedroom, 11714 Bistro Ln., Royal Oaks, Houston

Master Bath, 11714 Bistro Ln., Royal Oaks, Houston

Photos of Juwan Howard home: Patrick Berrios Designs and Tuscany Estate Homes

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  • The only truth to this entire story is that the James estate is an incredible home and is very similar to the Howard’s home, who are their dear friends. It is evident that the poster of this story was grossly misinformed.

  • The only thing I can add is that there is some serious ugly up in here. Looks like the whole place was decorated by Ballard.