Up Next on the Westheimer Retail Turntable: School for DJs

Another year has passed, which means it’s time for yet another business to move into the little house across the street from Hugo’s Restaurant, at the northeast corner of Westheimer and Mandell, where the Westheimer Curve finally figures out how to go straight. So what comes after Juliet and Romeo, Remix, and the Pleasure Chateau? Thanks to an inquisitive Swamplot reader with a camera, we know that the next tenants at 1550 Westheimer will be a Mixxwell Audio Lab. According to a construction worker our reader spoke to, it’s a DJ school.

Sadly, it appears the Pleasure Chateau’s lovely chandeliers have been removed:

I asked if I could look inside, the contractor explained that he didn’t have any access inside, but that the instructors would be there sometime this week. I did get a chance to look through the window and I must say it looks completely redesigned . . .

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • DJ’ing is something you pick up and/or get mentored in and not something you go to school for!

    I see suckers attending this place.

  • Yeah, they should learn about DJing the same place I learned about sex–the streets!

  • RWB,

    Obviously you didn’t grow up in Houston. Nobody learns anything on the streets here. You learn it in the parking lots and shopping centers.

  • I remember when that building was Joe Star’s Omni–punk rock club–in the early 80s.

  • This is rather interesting.I wonder what kind of DJ equipment they will be teaching with turntables or digital controllers? I’ll see if I can get more info on the business. Thanks swamplot for the scoop.

  • Help me out here. Is that the corner where the Happy Buddha used to be?

  • Late, but important to make two notes :

    That isn’t where the Omni was. The Omni was about two doors down, where Texas Tattoo Emporium is now. The house they’re talking about was a Tiffany-style lamp shop for AEONS, including when the Omni was running. The Omni was situated between what is now Revolution E (I haven’t a clue what it was at the time) and Gyros Gyros. (My mom took me to the Omni on many occasions to see the Haskells, and one night Joe himself wanted me to go to Gyros to pick up some cigs for him. I was too scared to buy them, and wussed out.)

    Secondly, the Happy Buddha was further in on Westheimer, east of Montrose. (Looking it up, it was where Indika is now, between Stanford and Whitney.)

    (Yes, I know I’m five years late, but I was just now looking for back matter on the Omni and came across this…)