Walter’s Was the Only One Left: The Death of Live Music on Washington Ave

Live-music maker and fan Jeff Balke gets worked up over the rumor that Walter’s on Washington will be closing its doors after its Halloween show:

At one time, Washington Avenue was home to Rockefeller’s, The Fabulous Satellite Lounge, Club Hey Hey, the Bon Ton Room and The Vatican. Other notables including Walter’s, The Rhythm Room, Tones, Cosmo’s and others had their moments along the popular corridor. When Walter’s closes, that will be that for live music having been replaced by red velvet roped drinking spots that serve over-priced alcohol to those allowed in by bouncers.

Balke blog bonus: A blow-by-blow what-are-they-now guide to Washington Ave live-music venues gone bye-bye.

Houston Press music blog Rocks Off has this vague report: “The building has reportedly been sold and, we hear, Walter’s owner Pam Robinson is looking to relocate.”

Photo of Walter’s on Washington, 4215 Washington Ave.: Yelp user mark s.

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  • Pam should move it into Midtown… maybe near the Continental Club, Mink (and the backroom), etc. Make it even more of a music area.

  • Montrose or Midtown seem the obvious choices for relocation.

  • So you liked my picture in front of Walter’s? Cool! Those are a pair of Levi’s 501s by the way.

    It is sad to see Walter’s close. It is the only place on Washington Ave. that really plays live music. THere are other places that have bands like The Lot or even Sawyer Park, but noone has the stage like Walter’s.

    I have never met the former owner of Walter’s, but (from one of the previous comments) why would she want to move it when she never really took care of Walter’s? The place was never maintained. Have you seen the bathrooms. She never knew what she had, but maybe she was just tired of the whole thing.

    All she had to do was put up a patio up front, and revamped the interior. Make it to a regular bar that played live music. Such an iconic place. Too bad it will be no more.

  • I was in walters 3 weeks ago. Had a blast. I guess it re opened?
    I hope it stays open.