What Kind of Afterlife Can Bethany United Methodist Expect on Linkwood Dr.?

Bethany United Methodist Church has officially closed its doors at 3511 Linkwood Dr. after 68 years of services, putting a question mark on the map between Timberside Dr. and Buffalo Spdwy. At the back of the 5.5-acre religious complex, a portion devoted to the Bethany Methodist Weekday School remains open. But the church — which occupies the majority of the structure’s 48,000 sq. ft. — has been shuttered since early last month.

The last time Bethany planned to use its land for non-clerical purposes, it signed off on a 4-story senior living development that would’ve gone right up on a portion of the church complex — but the midrise never got off the ground. Had it risen, it would’ve been the first real shakeup on the block since the late ’90s, when the decades-old Dome Shadows nightclub fronting Buffalo Spdwy. bit the dust and nearly 70 newly-built homes rose up in its place — just east of the church.

Here’s what the club looked like on one of its slower days:


Photos: Bethany United Methodist (church); Gary William (Dome Shadows)

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  • BETHANY United Methodist Church was my church when I was young. I remember being 3 and loving it. I remember taking my first communion at 5 with my Grandmother. I remember Reverend Echols preaching there and i remember my older sister being married there. Makes me sad to see the pictures and know that beautiful structure will no longer exist. And, on a totally different note, I remember the first time I went to Dome Shadows! And, I also remember the last!

  • It seems well suited to being reused as a Church or other place of worship…. Wouldn’t that be the most obvious use for this?

  • Somebody call the Spire developers- I see room for a historical mashup

  • My kids go to the Day School and it sounds like they are going to give the complex some major upgrades (roof, fresh interiors, etc). Also, I kind of feel the author is a little wrong as the school takes up most of the complex and only doesn’t use the main sanctuary. The building makes a great school, so I am glad to see the Day School being supported my the Methodist Council as I think it is a great asset to the area. Hopefully it will continue to grow and they will look at partnering up with Longfellow on future endeavours. The senior living center just really was not a great fit considering how many facilities we have in this area (including the brand new one under construction).