What’s On Fire in Spring Branch This Morning And Who the City Says Should Worry About It

Smoke Plume at 1700 Laverne from Texas Medical Center

Update, 12:30 pm: Firefighters are reportedly being warned to watch out for live ammo; also, here’s some video of one of this morning’s explosions.

Update, May 6: The chemicals released by yesterday’s fire turned Spring Branch Creek blood red — photo and more info here.

Shelter in Place Area, 5/5/2016The fire department posted a long-distance shot this morning of the A1 Custom Packaging warehouse, currently on fire near the intersection of Laverne St. and Spring Branch Dr. north of Longpoint Dr. The 4-alarm blaze (shown above from nearly 9 miles away looking out over 59 across Upper Kirby) is about a quarter mile from Spring Branch Elementary School, which KPRC reports is being evacuated. Roughly 500 students and teachers are being bussed to the Coleman Community Coliseum about 5 miles west-by-southwest, at 1050 Dairy Ashford Rd.

Noting the release of hazardous chemicals, the city’s emergency notification system recommends that anyone not evacuating the square formed by Blalock Rd., Bingle Rd., Westview Dr., and Hammerly Blvd. (shaded in red on the map above) should close their windows, turn off the AC and ventilation systems, and maybe have a go at sealing up cracks with duct tape and plastic sheeting.


The burning warehouse sits along the western edge of the Spring Branch Warehouse complex, home to PNP Cycles and Freer Gun Shop. Across Laverne St. west of another warehouse complex and the Spring Branch Service Center are the Leaf Hollow Apartments; east of where Spring Branch Dr. meets Longpoint is the Woodridge Nursing & Rehabilitation facility, next to the Korean Community Center of Houston.

Images: Houston Fire Department (photo), Google Earth (map)

Smoke Signals from Laverne St.

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  • From my office in midtown, I could clearly the see the black smoke and glad I wasn’t driving down I-10 today.

  • yep. I saw it all the way from downtown and it got bigger and bigger as i drove to work

  • Let’s see if the councilwoman Stardig steps up to adequately address this issue and her steps to prevent another occurrence like this in her district