What’s That Cooking on Bringhurst and Clinton?

A reader sends in photos of a purty sunset lighting up this building’s “new paint and wood” in the Fifth Ward, right across Clinton Dr. from the former KBR site and its improved dirt. And what’s all this paint and wood gonna be for? A pizza place? Taco stand? The reader can only speculate: “Keep asking the construction folks when they are around but they don’t know. If you notice on top of the building they added a brand new ventilation/AC system, so we hope something starts soon.”


Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • I heard it’s going to be a new In and Out.

  • God please let it be an in and out. I am 99.99% sure that won’t happen
    Did anybody that special “High in Houston “? About all the drug gangs in fish ward? I have some investment property Out there just because it is so cheap. But I don’t assume that area will be gentrified anytime soon. It will happen someday though, just not today or tomorrow

  • @Cody
    The show you’re referring to was a National Geographic “Drugs Inc” episode (“High in Houston”).
    I found it to be rather interesting, in that they made the “Nickel” look like the drug epicenter of Houston.
    Having lived inside the loop for almost 30 years, I don’t know ANYONE who would actually venture out to the 5th ward to buy drugs.

    The 5th will definitely be the last ward to gentrify. I give it 15-20 years at minimum.

  • This location is actually at the very southern edge of the 5th Ward, across the street from the KBR site and close to the MDI site. Both are large sites in the hands of potential developers, and a major project on either could significantly accelerate neighborhood transformation over what it would otherwise be. Plus the townhouse phenomenon has already been occurring on several of the nearby blocks. It would help a lot if Clinton Drive was rebuilt and prettied up a bit.

    It’s different once you go north of IH 10 or east of Waco/Hirsch, and especially once you go north of Lyons Ave. Those areas will definitely take longer.

  • Joey: I agree. It will be a long long time. But it is simply way too close to Downtown and other major hotspots not to turn around at some point. Plus, you can buy stuff out there so cheap that it doesn’t matter if the rent there is $400. Money can still be made. Mostly because everyone else is afraid to buy there.

  • The 5th Ward as a whole is light years away from a full gentrification, but the part south of I10 and west of Bringhurst is about 60% there.