When ‘Never Flooded’ Doesn’t Work

Here’s a cruel twist on all those DID NOT FLOOD signs popping up in front of homes in Harvey’s wake — and perhaps a cautionary tale for potential buyers of some of them: When it was offered for sale this summer, this 3-bedroom 1957 home on Yarwell Dr. in Meyerland between Chimney Rock and S. Post Oak featured a proud NEVER FLOODED topper on its for-sale sign. But Hurricane Harvey permanently altered that situation. Reader James Thomson snapped this shot of the front yard on September 4th, showing the first part of the sign painted over to reflect the home’s new status. The property has since been taken off the market.

Photo: James Thomson


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  • All the “NEVER FLOODED” signs in the world won’t change the fact that the house you’re looking at is right smack in the middle of a flood plain.

  • I have flooded twice in my home, once with 1″ and then again in 2015 with about 6-8″. We rebuilt higher, and didn’t flood in Harvey, but I still wonder if I did the right thing. Basically I can say flooded, raised, didn’t flood – perhaps that’s a better story? Or even a better story is not near a major bayou.

  • meh: I have an apt building in the flood plain. Had about 1-2 inches of water in about 5 of 30 units.
    “in the flood plain” doesn’t equal “OMG CANT BUY!”. Just make sure you know the risks and are comfortable with, and insured against them.

  • This is funny! Not the destruction though.