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  • So, am i just missing the Saturday Wabash farmer’s market on this map?

  • And have the ones at Onion Creek and T’afia stopped, or are they just not shown either?

  • The Wabash Market is on Sundays, right? And am I the only one who see the glaring typo on this graphic?

  • The Wabash farmer’s market is every Sunday. They have fresh produce, baked bread and awesome Indian take away (that includes vegan)! We get some combination of the Indian food every Sunday :)

  • @Marcy — Ooops, I did mistakenly say Saturday:)

  • The Hous’ton P’ress should p’roof it’s g’raphic’s ‘a li’t’tle b’etter.

    The idea is to make Houston look GOOD, right?

  • You need Flash to look at a goddamn map? FAIL. The web. You’re doing it wrong, Houston Press.

  • John (another one), I disagree. It’s an interactive map, and flash works well with those.

  • YES! Great article. Like Houston developers, the farmers just don’t believe in centralization. Can’t keep track of all that fresh produce! Thank you for helping out.

  • Flash is a cumbersome legacy technology with security issues that doesn’t work on tons of mobile browsers. HTML5 isn’t. I’m not sure why you’d want to go through the effort of putting a map like this together, and then create it in a way that nobody with an iPad can look at it.

  • How can one suggest that they have prepared a definitive map of Farmer’s Markets in Houston and leave out Canino’s on Airline, the biggest and best Farmer’s Market in Houston?

  • Tom, as mentioned previously, I left Canino’s off the list because – as wonderful as it is – it’s not a true farmer’s market. The provenance of most of the food sold there is difficult to determine, and a majority of it is not locally grown. That being said, it’s still my favorite place to buy inexpensive nuts and produce!

  • Canino’s is my favorite place to visit for my veggies but thank you for this post! I’m looking forward to visiting the other markets listed on here to pick up some locally grown produce.

  • These are not Farmers’ Markets. I’m from Los Angeles. They have real FM’s. Houston’s are a joke.

    The trouble is there’s no local or even semi-local produce worth buying most of the year. Chard and kale don’t count.

  • Actually, Canino’s has large selections of locally grown produce, as well as produce from nearby regions of Texas and nearby states. At this time of year, many of the greens are locally grown (and beautiful), and I picked up some very good oranges from Louisiana over this past weekend. Check with Tom Krolcyzk out front at Canino’s on what produce is locally grown.

  • This is my family farm and we are at the Sat. market off East Side and & Richmond almost every sat.

    This market has an excellent selection of veggies, breads, meats, cheeses, prepared foods.

    Not all the vegetable farmers are organic and particular attention should be made to each booth because signs are posted whether or not they are conventional(pesticipes) or naturally grown or certified organic.

  • I bought stuff at the Rice farmer’s market last week. That evening, I was eating greens that had just been pulled from the ground in Spring, TX the same morning. They were wonderful — fresh, crunchy, full of flavor.