White Oak Music Hall Ready for Full Opening, Noise Citation Hearing

WHITE OAK MUSIC HALL READY FOR FULL OPENING, NOISE CITATION HEARING Rendering of White Oak Music Hall, 2915 N. Main, Houston, 77009This week marks the official opening of White Oak Music Hall’s 2 indoor stages, writes Erin Mulvaney. Construction on the permanent concert spaces has wrapped next to the temporary-but-indefinitely-employed outdoor stage where the venue has been holding concerts since April. Per Jennifer Ostlind of the Houston Planning Department, all required parking for the venue is in place, though Mulvaney notes that “the temporary stage, which the partners plan to use in perpetuity for roughly 30 shows a year, did not require a permit or parking to accommodate the crowds.” Mulvaney also writes that the developers are getting ready for a September hearing on the noise ordinance citation the venue received in May; a study by hired sound scrutinizers on the night of the citation reportedly shows that sound at the venue didn’t pass 75 decibels. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Rendering of White Oak Music Hall complex: Shau

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  • Seventy-five dB from how far away? I live a mile from NRG Park and concerts there fill the neighborhood with thumping bass, though I couldn’t tell you the loudness level (I’ll measure next time). But this is only a few times a year (e.g. from Vans Warped, and Houston Free Press 2015 and 2106). The HOA is concerned with this, and tries to work with the organizers about timing (mainly).

  • Looks pretty awesome, wonder how the parking situation will end up being like…

  • Can someone in-the-know explain the difference in the decibel level on bass versus treble? I live near the Renaissance Festival and when their after hours party tent gets going, I feel the bass when I can’t make out the music itself. I hear/feel it in my house 1/4 mile away, with all the windows closed, to the point of making me physically sick. And yet, the sheriff department says they are within legal limits on the main road out in front of the tent. I could handle it if it was only a couple of times a year, but this is every Friday and Saturday night for 7 weeks. Friday is 7-midnight, and Saturdays 7-1am.

    I think the 75 decibels is supposed to be at the property edge.