Won’t Touch This: $492K Freeway Townhouse

2232 Riverside Dr.

What happens when townhomes don’t crack half a million? Sellers get mighty cranky:

This unit has a great view of downtown. It features a large balcony, spacious rooms, high ceilings, both wood & carpeted floors, an elevator, fireplace, beautiful kitchen and much more! It is being sold ‘AS IS’. The seller will do NO REPAIRS.

Don’t want to deal with this kind of unwillingness to negotiate? For a mere $200K+ more, you can buy the townhouse next door. And that seller isn’t saying what will or won’t be repaired—at least not in the listing.

A nice view of 288 from the balcony, plus an interior photo, which you can scan for evidence of a need for repairs the seller won’t make, after the jump.


Yes, that’s the Mosaic going up in the background.

2232 Riverside Dr.

View from 2232 Riverside Dr. Balcony

2232 Riverside Dr. Kitchen

See anything that looks like it might need fixing?