Your Nominations Wanted: Most Grandiose Development

A quick summary of our categories so far: Favorite Houston Design Cliché, Best Project Cancellation or Delay,  Best Teardown, and Best Rebranding Effort. And here’s the fifth category in the Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate, now open for your nominations: Most Grandiose Development.

Which Houston-area real-estate project deserves that title this year? A key point: the winner need not be something that actually got — or is going to get — built. Otherwise, a splendid assortment of big and even bigger confections would miss out on their one last shot at glory.

Tell us which project deserves that glory — in a comment below or in a private message. Consult the official award-nomination rules if you need to. Send photos if you’ve got ’em! Which of Houston’s grandiose developments are worthy of our fulsome praise?

5 Comment

  • The new Memorial Herman Hospital building at I10 next to the Memorial City mall, the robot-looking one with the multistory crown on top. It’s fit for a (chess) king!

  • Nominee for Most Grandiose:

    Grace Community Church’s scheme to mark territory in a big, big way.

  • Nomination for most grandiose:

    That giant faux-Belle-Epoque apartment building overlooking 288 just south of MacGregor. And I do mean overlooking — some of those balconies look like they’re ten feet from the freeway!

  • Grandiose, but in a good way, maybe Finger’s One Park Place.

    Grandiose, but in a gaudy way, that stucco mansion built on the edge of Lindale Park facing Fulton.

  • Nomination for Most Grandiose

    Boulevard Place