1956 Ranch from Del Monte Says Yes to Pink

Such a rosy disposition about this Mod Ranch planted in the thick of the Galleria area. The 1956 home jumped into the market late last week, beneath Photoshop-blue skies: a 3-or-4 bedroom, 3-1/2-bath spread fitted onto a 12,960-sq.-ft. lot with just enough room for a pool in back. But what about the pinkage? How serious a case do we have here?


You’ll probably want to keep an eye on the outbreak that seems to be focused on the dining room:

But other than that, the case appears to be in check:

All told there’s 3,666 sq. ft. of carefully-hued living space; asking price is $695K.

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  • And the flooring allowance is how much??

  • More concerned with the mauveage.

  • Looks like there is a lot to like about this house. Carpet in the bathroom is not it, though.

  • Pink carpet easier to undo than horrible remodels. This has a lot of nice mod features.

  • I love it! When can I move in?

  • I having palpitations. This house, sans pink, would be fabuluxe!

  • Other than the over mirrored areas, pink walls and carpet, looks like a mid-cent mod masterpiece. Some updating would make it very nice.

  • Pull your Mary Kay Cadillac in the driveway and you are set!!

  • Pretty in Puce and a perfect Parkay spread. Where a Playboy Bunny retired.

  • You know what? Pink is UNDER rated.
    I’m not being sarcastic.
    Its period appropriate.
    Its Pantone’s color of the year (Honeysuckle).
    If I had $695K I would ROCK this house AS IS!Except for the carpet in the bathroom. BUT i would replace it with pink rugs FOR SURE! Replace the Hollywood Regency furniture with updated pieces and this place would be badassssssss!!!!
    Why do people bag on pink so much? Because it takes a super awesome person to pull it off and most people can’t decorate beyond copying the latest Pottery Barn catalog.
    Pink is bold! Pink is unique! Pink is more than a song from Funny Face or Aerosmith!!
    Pink for the WIN!

  • I just got around to looking at this. I LOVE this house– lose the carpet and fill the space with appropriate furniture, and this house will be awesome.