A 60 Degree Turnaround on Westheimer

Looks like there’s something coming soon to the former Palazzo’s Tratoria at 2300 Westheimer. (And, presumably, someone’s coming to deal with that raggedy palm tree.) A Swamplot reader sends in this photo of the sign for “60 Degree Mastercrafted” with Master Chef Fritz Gitschner. The new dining concept wasn’t immediately available for comment. Palazzo’s has 2 other locations in Westchase and Briar Grove.

Photos: Loves swamplot

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  • That location is kind of a Bermuda Triangle for restaurants. It has seen a lot of names on the door since the Wendy’s it was originally built as.

  • @ShadyHeightster – your mention of the old Wendy’s brings back such memories of skipping school at Lamar and smoking weed behind the place with the employees. Goes to show that a long gone and original place carries more memories than all of the businesses that have followed suit, seeing that I can’t even remember them all.

  • They should have never left the old location. Used to be one of our favorite dinner spots. Never felt right in the new location.

  • Their food was just awful! Mercifully, they should have gone out of business years ago.