A Doggie Espresso Bar Opens in East Downtown

Sharing a wall with Chinatown Printing, The Green Bone threw a grand opening last Saturday, debuting its hemp doggie treats and recycled-wood doggie daycare digs in the East Downtown Art Deco building shown here. Located at 2104 Leeland St. near the corner of St. Emanuel, the shop also has a lounge for masters with wireless Internet and an espresso bar. It’s not up and pouring yet, but a store employee tells Swamplot that it’ll sell homemade snacks meant to be eaten by either species.


The 1946 building is 1,600 sq. ft. and used to house a one-hour photo shop. Below are photos of the espresso bar and lounge in the renovated interior:

Photos: Allyn West

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  • what makes this building “art deco” ? ? ?

  • So what defines this building as art deco? I see an steel awning over one hald of it, but otherwise it just looks like a blue box. I’m not sniping, though. I’m wondering what details pin it to that particular artistic/ architectural movement.

  • The metal awning is late Moderne, or Art Deco. The transom and the doors might be original too. The style is minimalist Deco which morphed into the mid-century modern style.
    It looks like the printing shop is empty or is that just the tint/pic? When Fido the foodie moves in things change fast.

  • Can’t we all just stop using the term “Art Deco” unless the object is actually art deco?
    And while we’re at it, would people please
    stop affixing “lone stars” to everything under the sun? Thanks.

  • Still looks like a one-hour photo… they should have done something about the drop ceiling and the fluorescent lights as long as they were “renovating”.

    Also, that looks like a roll-up security door, whether it’s an art deco awning or not.

  • @Pantryboss,

    THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how tired I am of seeing any building that is art moderne/arts and crafts/from the 20’s or 30’s labeled as “art deco.” Same for the stars; I think a few years ago when the “lone stars” affixed to houses were up for a Swampy, the comment was made that they’re there in case you forget what state you’re in.

  • This sounds like a stupid business, but hopefully they will make money and stay open.

  • I don’t see lone stars anywhere. I think if I was going to affix them to my dream house, I’d probably do sandstone or limestone ones at the corners of the roof, reflecting the style of some of the older buildings in smaller Texas towns.

    And Dana-X, thanks for the explanation.

  • @stephen, it’s an art-deco roll up security door.

  • Okay, so the post is about a hemp treat, espresso, whatever lounge for friggin dogs, and what everyone finds the oddest in the whole thing is the architectural description of the building?

  • @Winer – Welcome to Swamplot, and to Houston.
    Yes, our standards for odd may vary.

  • @winer: Well, the description of it as a hemp treat, espresso, doggy bar was pretty accurate. I’ll wait a year to say, “What a stupid/great business idea!” :)