A Fake Street for Real Estate Shoppers in Spring

A FAKE STREET FOR REAL ESTATE SHOPPERS IN SPRING Opening in February, reports CultureMap, is a 10,000-sq.-ft. real estate “park” where a dozen lavishly turned-out showcase homes, ranging in styles from “The Midtown” to “The Calais” to “The Ashby Manor,” are presented for your perusal on a private cul-de-sac near I-45. Think of the immersive, don’t-mind-if-I-do shopping at IKEA blown up to the scale of Disney World — except at MainStreet America there will be fireworks and Christmases and tailgating parties and almost everything will be for sale:Do you like the paint color, the metallic faux technique on the ceiling or the graphic wallpaper accent in the bedroom? The details are available and so are the prices. In fact, you can make the purchase on site. If that couch, occasional table or rug is what you are looking for, swap that credit card and have them delivered. Floral arrangements? Yes, those are for sale as well. Mirrors? Check. Artwork? In stock. Window treatments? You bet.” Admission for adults is only $10; children aged 5-17 can get in for half that. [CultureMap] Photo: MainStreet America

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  • Admission to go shop? Eh.

  • “Swap” that credit card…….

    or swipe that credit card?

  • Yeah, I don’t get why you have to pay for the “privelege” of seeing this stuff.

  • I am aghast looking at this project. There’s no conceivable or mathematical way this could turn a profit, the cost of construction and maintaining this is too high. They would need the foot traffic of Disney World itself to have it make sense. Additionally, there are plenty of very good showrooms all over town where you can see all the products for free.

  • I went for their soft opening during Christmas and while some of the designs are too suburban for me, I found the place very informative on what all goes into building a house. I plan to take all my clients there to see different mechanical systems, cabinet designs, and other details to help them make more informed decisions during the home building process. They even offer season passes :)

  • @Commonsense: You hit the nail on the head. Paying for the privilege to buy stuff? Really? And the amount of foot traffic required to support that place is not attainable. You can get ‘informative’ for free. DesignTech is WAY off on this one. I’m willing to bet it lasts less than a year.

  • Only in America. We build real houses on a fake street, and charge people to see it, while we have loads of people without a home. Go Houston!

  • I was prepared to say that this was a bad idea until I realized I may head up there myself and pay the $10 to look around.

  • This sounded really cool and like something I would definitely go and check out… right up until I saw that there’s an admission fee. That’s ridiculous. Unless you’re someone like Sam’s or Costco, you don’t charge people for the privilege to look at the stuff you’re selling.

  • As much as I’m appalled by this idea, I am so intrigued that I’d pay the admission to see this monstrosity in real life. The fact that they offer season passes is even more ludicrous… and fills my bitter little heart with glee!

  • I would go as far as to say that this must be a construction loan scam (a brilliant one at that). Design Tech built all theses homes, made their profit, and when it all blows up, they already stashed at least 10% of all the construction costs. Good way to keep building “specs” in the real estate crash times.

  • admission to a showroom. cutting edge!

  • Basically, it’s a DesignTech model home park on steroids disguised as a ‘destination.’ Even better, they’ll charge YOU to look around. Such a deal! If we’re lucky, more retailers will implement a cover charge before we’re ‘allowed’ to pay their over-inflated prices. I’m not holding out much hope for their tailgating parties and other manufactured events.

  • Why would anyone complain about spending $10 to do an activity for the day? Even to see a movie it costs $10.
    This park didn’t build itself for free.
    And you’re right, Costco memberships are like $70 and Sams are like $40. So you’re paying extra to buy groceries and many people seem fine with that concept.
    If you can’t afford $10 to come see everything in one place, then you drive around and spend $50 in gas to go to 15 different individual showrooms. Makes sense-sure.

  • I like the Disneyland comparison where you’re basically paying a huge entry fee to shop and spend money.
    Funny what people grow accustomed to paying for and what they will and won’t buy.

  • Gallery Furniture was originally Gallery Model Homes Furniture, since the original selling space was a retired Jim Walters assortment of model houses. I doubt one had to pay admission to Jim Walters, though, and I KNOW Mattress Mac didn’t charge until you made a selection.

  • Some of you people are funny. I visited their soft open and was really impressed. People pay to go to boat shows to buy boats, car shows to by houses, and thousands pay over $10 to go to GR Brown or Reliant every year to see home shows where half the vendors are selling fudge, pots and pans or the latest dust mop. Here you get to see the products in action, talked to trained people that can help you make informed decisions, and see the latest and greatest concepts. If you are complaining about a $10 ticket, stay home. My wife and I had a great time looking, wishing, and dreaming, I cant wait to go back after the tablet devices are all going. A-Z information. What more can you ask for. I wish him the very best with what he has built.

  • I went twice during the December soft opening. Once out of curiousity and the 2nd time with my girlfriends who apprecitated a girl’s night out seeing/dreaming/ooohhing and awwing over all the beautiful designs, decor, colors, etc. We started and finished in the onsite Restaurant! It IS a destination to take groups of people because there’s something likeable for everyone. I totally see the potential and wish them the best. I did not buy a thing, but walked away with WAY MORE than $10 in fabulous ideas. I hope the naysayers aren’t just their competition trying to spread negativity.

  • I didnt understand why they were charging a fee until I went. They are not directly selling the products unless it is furniture, they are simply a location for thousands of products to be featured its basically like when people pay to go to reliant center to look at featured products. That price goes to maintenance of the facility. Trust me the 10 dollars was well worth it it saved me much time with remodeling my home.

  • I would pay 10 dollars to see it. You usually pay about that much to go to the Home Products Show. Plus here, you get to see how it looks in the house. I hope to get to see it someday. I don’t live close to where it is. Wish you could buy a movie of it with where you can buy the products. Wishing you great success.