A Few Brief Scenes from the Meyergrove Apartments Rescue

By late afternoon on Sunday, August 27th, there were 2 ways out of several of the 3-story buildings at the Meyergrove Apartments at 4605 N. Braeswood — which back up to Brays Bayou in the southwest corner of the 610 Loop. There was rescue by boat (above) — from which you’d arrive to safety on a dry portion of the freeway:


. . . and be taken from there by shuttle to the George R. Brown convention center Downtown. Or, from more difficult spots, rescue by air, for a drier landing:

Videos: Adam Brackman

Harvey Ops

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  • Please won’t someone put this small complex out of its misery? It is only two levels, and the first level has flooded over and over. Harris County, just buy it out and revert that land back to nature!

  • travelguy: If whoever owns it is willing to constantly deal with the problem, and keep repairing flooded units, I guess that’s on him. And if people still willingly live there, that’s on them.