A Lindale Park Cottage, Much as It Was

You’ve reason to believe that you will be received with some gentility at this Lindale Park home on Graceland St. just west of Irvington, 7 blocks south of the North Loop. The newly listed triple-peaked brick cottage on a double-wide lot gained central air conditioning in 2005, but otherwise the 1945 home appears to have retained the qualities of an earlier era. Note the glass knobs on the interior doors and the lack of a dishwasher (or disposal or microwave) in the piney-woods-paneled kitchen.


Is it the front porch — or just a feeling of spaciousness — that’s led to a minor discrepancy in the square footage count? The listing claims 2,070; HCAD, 1,872. The front door, shaded by the south-facing porch (above), opens into the living room, where a mock fireplace anchors one wall (below). Stained wooden trim surrounds the windows and the archway leading to the dining room, located at the core of the home.

There’s no shag carpet, but plenty of vinyl — flooring. In the wood-walled dining room, for example, a jazzy red inset plays out underfoot.

The kitchen floor is a bit understated, but period wallpaper in the nearby breakfast nook makes up for it:

The paneled master bedroom is being used as an office, with its own bathroom and an exterior door:

One of the 2 secondary bedrooms also has a door leading outside.

The listing offers no peeks at the home’s third bedroom or 2 full bathrooms. But here’s the detached garage-with-workroom off an expanded slip of driveway:

If the home’s utility room proves insufficient, this vintage shed-side clothesline is also available at the back of the 10,000 sq.-ft. lot.

The listing popped up on Friday, asking $235,000.

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  • I would happily live there. Quaint and corny in the best possible way.

  • I love this house…and I know exactly how it must smell: a homey mix of old furniture, mothballs, and mildew with a touch of Pine-Sol. I would buy it as is, furnished and everything.

  • I’d lose the fake wood paneling, but otherwise, I love it.

  • This dump for $235k ?!?!? Wrong side of the tracks (I45), the interior will cause nightmares in adults and scare little children.

  • commonsense must have never had a grandma.

  • Wow, this takes me back, right down to the picture of JC next to the bed. Truly vintage.

  • Goodness knows I wish I had the money to move it to a more desirable part of town, but “commonsense” is heavy on “common” and lacking on “sense”.

  • And by better part of town, I was thinking Wharton.

  • This is just as cute as a bug’s ear! I felt like I was back in my gramma’s house, especially with Jesus (looking the other way) in the bedroom.

  • @commonsense; Re: The wrong side of the tracks.

    Where, exactly, do you live? Have you ever been to Lindale Park? It’s one of the nicer neighborhoods in Houston. Home values are going up, and are climbing. My house is worth more than I paid for it six years ago, and it’s climbing.

    Does that house need work? Yes. At the very least, the kitchen needs to be gutted and re-built. But at the end of the day, 1944 Brick Bungalows with original hardwood flooring are extremely hard to come by in Houston. That, alone, gives it value. Ignore the decor; That house has solid bones.

    More and more people are venturing East of the exhaulted Heights, and are discovering this area. You might want to get out of your mamma’s basement and do the same.

  • @ Missmsry

    Have you ever been to Lindale Park?

  • The wooden kitchen cabinets, floors, breakfast nook, picture of Jesus by the bed, outside door in the bedroom…took me back to one of my great Aunt’s bungalow in Miss. I live in Woodland Heights and love the neighborhood. Lindale Park is steeped in charm and a good investment to boot!

  • I bet the attic is cool.
    Would love to see the rest of that Chevy in the driveway.

  • Really special. With a clothes line! And a vintage car in driveway. I am reminded of the I SPY books.
    I feel sad this diorama is doomed.

  • Lindale Park is a great neighborhood that really doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. The design and construction quality of many of the homes is above average for the era, and many have aged well. Wide streets and large old growth trees help give the neighborhood a unique feel. Deed restrictions have helped most of the neighborhood remain stable, though many of the properties along Irvington Blvd and Fulton could use some help. For those not familiar with the neighborhood, I would encourage venturing out and exploring it. The wide streets make it a great place for biking!

  • Graceland is turning into a really cute street

  • Cute and gentrifying aside, the seem to think they are leading the market at $235k for a house that needs work.

  • What a lovely house! I hope someone buys it who really loves it like it is! It shows the love of the current (and prior, if there are others) owner! These are the old ways…you will not see this again…

  • Nice house with great bones. This area has mantain a great value over the many many years. I would rather invest here than the suburbs.

  • Re: The wrong side of the tracks.

    Buying a home in Lindale Park is an excellent investment. I bought my first one there 7 years ago and it’s increased in value about 75%. I also bought several homes in Houston Heights back when it was a white ghetto. Friends said they would never come to visit due to how rough the Heights was at the time. I just sold a couple of houses in the Heights and made tons of money. Lindale is the next Heights, with the new rail coming right up Fulton. I’m very glad short-sighted folks like (no)commonsense stay away…there is more money to be made by those of us with brains and checkbooks. Silly amateurs LOL