A Meyerland Mod with Something To Hide

This 1955 1-story home was first listed in July at $379,900. Just south of Beechnut and west of S. Rice Ave. in Meyerland, the 2,359-sq.-ft., 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1-garage mod was priced down this month to $350,000. This exterior shot shows the home sitting back on a relatively expansive 11,067-sq.-ft. lot, but the listing also reveals something else, described as an “extra room” that’s downright subterranean.


It’s this 21 ft. by 8 ft. basement/shelter, clearly outfitted with plenty of paraphernalia and entertainment options to get you through the harshest of nuclear winters.

Once you hack your way inside . . .

. . . the home opens up to a cozy 20-ft.-by-10-ft. den with a fireplace.

That leads to a heavily paneled dining room:

The light-filled kitchen:

With a nook of its own:

The listing mentions 3 bedrooms; one appears to have been used as an office:

One of the 2 bathrooms:

Off the kitchen is this utility room . . .

. . . which appears to open up to a small patio:

County records show that the home was remodeled in 1988. The listing doesn’t explain where the basement/shelter is located or how you might get into it, though it does mention rather ominously that it has “access from the inside.”

Photos: HAR

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  • I think we just found Dale Gribble’s house. I especially love the scanner/walkie talkie. And the bunny. Not creepy in the least…

  • Shannon Cobb-Evans had a chance to have this home featured as a “Mod of the Month” and couldn’t return phone calls or respond to emails. It seems they’re not very interested in selling it?

  • Hahaha I’m pretty sure this was one of my friends from highschools house. I remember him saying this was one of only 2 or 3 bomb shelters in Houston. And they were interviewed a long time ago about it.

  • Wow. This brings back memories. I grew up nearby in another MCM Meyerland home: ranch/traditional exterior(custom built by the previous owners)yet more modern inside: polished flagstone floors ,sunken living room, sweeping rear brick patio, beautiful modern wood paneling in the den/dining room , flagstone bookcases/built in shelving,etc. My parents knew the then owners of the home above. They showed us: Mom, Dad, my younger siblings & myself the house.The best part is what was commonly called in those days: “the bomb shelter ” ; (the Cuban missile crisis had ended previously).Anyway the subterranean room was/is cool. They used it as a den/TV/lounge room. I have friends that live on the same block. The homes in Meyerland were build by some of Houston then better/best home builders. With a bit of tweaking these homes are retro cool. Yet they withstand the test of time. High quality construction and pride of ownership and ongoing maintenance.The best part is the land prices are competitive with Bellaire,WestU,Southgate,Southampton,Afton Oaks,Galleria /Uptown, Inner Loop, Midtown,Medical Center areas. The area schools are highly sought after and the nearby areas boasts many amenities.Buyers get spacious homes on good size lots .

  • Yes, Meyerland was developed primarily for Jewish Americans fleeing Riverside Terrace–there is a great PBS documentary on the flight from Riverside Terrace–this area does have some very well built homes that thankfully have not met the fate of homes in Tanglewood–interesting house–not my taste, but interesting none the less

  • A real opportunity for the buyer. :)

  • The house looks like it has some nice bones to build on….

  • Sweet. Altho it looks like the owners didn’t embrace the MCM style. Note the quilts and antique furniture.

  • Would totally convert the bomb shelter into a wine cellar.

  • It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again…

  • i was inside this house two days ago- it has good bone but the “basement” is a turn off for buyers- that is why it still unsold.

    the shelter smells bad and it built right underneath the house.

  • Could you use the bomb shelter as a root cellar?