A Mission Bend Mosaic

Despite the steep pitch of the roof, this listing in Mission Bend is a 1-story, with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and living areas that open into each other. Also inside: tile. The gas-log fireplace, kitchen, and bathrooms all have tiled treatments. So does the floor of the tidy garage, which has two windows facing the street:


Elsewhere in the home, the floors are marble tile or, for sensory relief, wood laminate:

Built in 2002, the home measures 2,080 sq. ft. and occupies a 8,280-sq.-ft. lot. Outside, a concrete slab provides a patio in the fenced yard. It backs up to commercial property fronting Bellaire Blvd., just west of SH 6. The asking price is $130,500; there’s also a $300 annual maintenance fee.

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  • Were they expecting heavy snowfall or something?

    I also enjoy that the “hers” vessel sink in the hideous master bath is filled with hotel shampoo bottles.

  • They have some really strange stuff going on in that place.

  • That’s the most interesting faux log in the gas fireplace I’ve ever seen. Oh, wait, that’s a stereo. And after seeing the craziness of the interior, I’m a little disappointed the back patio is so bland.

  • I hope they don’t use that grill in the garage unless they have an intense ventilation system in there.

  • Can I have the name of the ‘decorator’? So that I don’t call them.

  • This is what happens when you take all your home decorating tips from channel 55.2 and throw in a healthy mix of bad feng shui.

  • I’m more interested in what the purchase price was when new. At $130k now, I can’t imagine it has appreciated one dime :(.

  • Actually, that phenomena of all the furniture and “stuff” pressed up along the walls seems to be a really common cultural preference.
    And no I am not saying that to be snarky– it just is.
    I don’t show outside the beltway that much, but when I do,we see common areas just exactly like in this house

  • they definitely needed to get 3 shots of that sink filled with crap!

  • Uhm, disco ball?

  • allergies, disco ball, & washer/dryer on laminate

  • I kinda liked the diamond design in the bathroom. Compared to what you would normally get for 130k in Houston, this house might be a big find for that kooky aunt in the family who wears the bedazzled sweatshirts.

  • Houston is an international city, to each their own. Perhaps they’re named Patel and own a hotel/motel providing a life time supply of shampoo. The place is certainly spotless. I enjoyed the neighborhood guessing game a lot more than poking fun at foreign home sellers.

  • Mission Bend? They must’ve taken the burglar bars off for the pics.

  • I love the tile floor in the garage; I love the disco ball; and I love the way the color/texture scheme from the walk-in closet is carried through in every. single. room.

  • I bet they have the most fantastic Bollywood viewing parties!

  • The feng shui is weak in this house, but from the looks of that closet, they have an active social life.

  • If nothing else, all that tile makes floor-mopping a breeze.

  • Tiles gone wild.