A Quick Peep at All the Glammed Up Bagby Boyscout Building’s Signage

Former Mr. Peeples, 1911 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston, 7700
If you duck southwest under the Pierce Elevated from near the maybe-not-vacant-much-longer downtown Days Inn highrise (and maybe dodge a few exit ramps), you’ll find the logo of sparkle-happy steak and seafood house Mr. Peeples still peering coyly out from behind the greenery at 1911 Bagby St. — accompanied more recently by a less shy sign advertising the freed-up space’s availability, notes a reader. Landmark said in a press release when the spot closed in March that it would “emerge as an exciting new venue in the near future”; the informational signage from WLC Interests implies that that emergence may occur elsewhere, and that other folks may have a chance at the spot for less culinarily focused uses.

Here’s a shot of the place pre-glitzification (circa 2007) when it was a more conservatively decorated Boy Scouts office:


1911 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston

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Prepping for the Next Costume Change

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  • Not sure why, but nothing on the outside ever enticed us to go in and try the food. I’m sure it was good, but something about the theme just did not work. Too bad. It does give us hope that something else good will move in though, so we are looking forward to seeing some change.


  • This place would actually make a decent location for a night club / bar.